Sara Lloyd
web developer, graphic designer, nerdy blogger, sarcasm queen


Sara Does is about doing life differently, creating opportunities, and making your own rules.

It's about straddling the line between living a life you seriously love and not taking life too seriously.

It's also about making connections, building relationships, and chasing those elusive things called dreams - turning dreams into goals, goals into tasks, and then simply doing.

And fine, yes, it's also about well-timed, witty retorts, sarcasm, and doing that snort-laugh-thing that is oh-so-attractive. And Star Wars. When is it NOT about Star Wars, let's be honest.

I'm Sara, and I'm a self-motivated, future-thinking maven of imaginative ideas. I love promoting + championing creative people and small businesses, and I want to help you be sassy and feel classy in your real life, and on the Internet. [Because, you know, sometimes they're a little different.]

Click below to learn how I can help you + read a tiny bit more about moi.

Writing + Editing

I write a blog about independence for people who like sarcasm, called Snarks + Crafts.

I feature talented makers and freelancers, share DIY projects for the creative gal who ain't got time, stories on building + maintaining frienships, and tips for supporting small business. Come visit + contact me for questions and features.

Web Development

I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Information Technology from Virginia Tech, and have continued my education so that I can sling code like a youngster on Redbull. I excel at front-end languages, learning quickly, and communicating with designers + customers. Hire me to make you some Internet.

Graphic + Web Design

Because I can't draw worth two toots, my design style is very graphic and geometric-based. I have an eye for good web design + ideal user experiences. Let's figure out if you have both.

I also design type-based greeting cards + home goods for The Snark Shop. Go shopping.

Event Design

I'm opening an event design business later this year with a pal, where we will create fun + unexpected props and decor for weddings and events. Learn more about this project and my partner here.

Real Life

My Man-Piece and I were married in April of 2015. We're loving the adventure of learning how to be married - how to stay married while building a house and keeping our rescued mutt from jumping on people. Stalk me here.

Crazy Millenial

I have an intense passion for doing life differently + making your own rules. I love speaking to students and professionals about choosing careers, how to know what's right for you, and designing a life that suits you best. Talk to me about speaking to your group.

Wanna chat? Hit me up via any social medias or email: Hey at SaraDoes dot com.