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A very dear friend recently told me she would love to see a tour of my apartment on the blog to get a better feel for how things flow, and to see the status of the many projects I have accomplished over the past year. Yes. I shockingly realized that October marks the 12th months of residence for me, and I must say, I am no where close to letting this place go nor am I close to being “done.” Haha. So here we are, tour of my apartment beginning at the front door…

This is what you are greeted with upon opening the door. Stairs to the right, open floor plan to the left, “foyer” and landing spot for my keys and other random things. Also I’m hiding packages to be mailed, books to return to the library, and tools to return to man-piece in that storage ottoman (which I made for my room, but have moved downstairs for a bit):

Around the corner from the entrance is the kitchen nook, in which you can see I still have lots of work to do to tone down those highlighter yellow walls:

And this next photo was my attempt at doing a panoramic shot of the first floor, which you can see only sort of succeeded…but I think you can still get the picture (no, I don’t actually have slanted walls or funky caved-in cabinets):

That’s the guest bathroom down the hall, which is also awaiting some love.

The living room probably wins the prize for “most work left to do” [aside from the bedroom...yeesh]:

Both of these chairs in my old-school corner are getting reupholstered (which I will obviously share with you – during reupholstery month perhaps?):

I made those three pillows and lost momentum on pillows…they need some work (sewing month, duh). Oh, and do you spy a sewing machine?

Why yes, you do! There are lots of unfinished projects back here, and some un-hung art, but I try to keep it as neat as possible. Very glad I did not sell that desk (which I slaved over redoing last summer – it used to be bright red with water spots galore).

Another view of my desk workspace, which is where I spent a lot of my time…paying bills, blogging, designing things, and facebooking of course.

And last but not least for this tour is my upstairs studio-ish area that I recently featured when I added the bright orange peg board, which I love and am excited to spruce up by adding more storage thingies to.

And the bedroom and closet area are just not ready to be revealed, and also there are some in progress things I don’t want to share yet. Haha. Sorry. So that’s the end of the tour! Who wants to visit? For fun, you can check out this old apartment tour I posted when I first moved in. In addition to terrible photos, things have really changed!

Project Roundup

There are many other mini projects that have gone into making this apartment my happy + joyful place, and I’m stoked to get another year to make it better. Won’t you join me?

5 thoughts on “bonus :: apartment tour + projects

    1. saraelizabeth Post author

      Thanks Sori! I think I still have the paint bucket…Will dig it up and let you know! I think the manufacturer was either Olympic or Valspar. I love Olympic because it’s no-VOC and so is not smelly and is totally easy to apply + work with. Will get back to you on the specific color…I chose the pink VERY spontaneously!

  1. Momma Sassy

    Do I have to change my name to “Momma Sara Does”?? Love this tour of the apartment and think you have done a wonderful job this past year of making the space your own. I see “Sara” all over the place!! Love what you’ve done, and I love you!


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